Woman discovers dad isn’t her biological father after receiving mysterious text

Woman discovers dad isn’t her biological father after receiving mysterious text
Village residents shocked after DNA tests show majority are not British

Advances in modern technology have thrown a spanner in the works of many families who have had their secrets revealed through the taking of DNA tests.

That was definitely the case for one TikToker who found out her dad isn’t her biological father after she received an anonymous text telling her to take an ancestry DNA test.

In a viral clip that’s been viewed over 11.3 million times, a TikToker named Lane explained that this year her life changed forever thanks to the anonymous text message.

Lane explained she believed the text message was fake at first. She revealed she called her mum about the text, who opened up to reveal that she had an affair when she was in college and there was a chance her dad wasn’t her real dad.

Lane said: “I ordered an Ancestry test immediately. It takes about six weeks to get my results back and, ding ding, your results are in. I find out that yes, this man is my father. This stranger.

“So I message him immediately and he lives in California. He’s British. What the f**k? He said my mum sent him a Christmas card when I was two years old saying my name in it and that he’s Googled my name ever since and in 2007 my name popped up and he saw a picture of me and he knew immediately that I was his daughter.”

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In a follow-up clip, Lane revealed that her mum denied she was his when he got in contact with her in 2007 and “threatened” him to stop contacting her. Instead, her father followed her on social media and saw her grow up from afar.

She revealed that she finally met her biological father this year, but that the whole ordeal caused the relationship between her and her mother to break down.

In the comments, one person wrote: “What a guy. He's loved you from afar for so long. It’s pretty special that he already kind of knows who you are.”

Another said: “Am I the only one who thinks it’s so heartbreaking that he respected ur mom's wishes and followed you/ kept up with you in the only ways he could.”

Someone else joked: “I’d immediately be applying to get a British passport and dual citizenship.”

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