Mum caught on camera ‘stealing buckets of Halloween candy’ – then blames her son

Mum caught on camera ‘stealing buckets of Halloween candy’ – then blames her son
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Listen, we’re all for grown-ups enjoying Halloween just as much as kids, but not so much when it comes to trick-or-treating, and especially not when they don’t play by the rules.

One woman was clearly unphased by common etiquette, however, when she went out on a candy-seizing rampage with a young boy presumed to be her son.

Little did she know that she and her Spiderman-suited accomplice were being caught on camera. Well, multiple cameras, to be precise.

A series of Ring doorbell cam recordings, posted on TikTok, show the pair grabbing fistfuls of sweets, with one caption suggesting the woman had seized every last offering from “multiple houses.”

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In the most watched of these, which racked up more than 12.1 million views in a single day, the mystery thief was confronted.

The clip shows her tossing goodies into her son's bag before a man's voice can be heard pleading. "Could you please leave some for the other kids?”

She quickly responds – in what many viewers have taken to be a shameless under-the-bus throwing of her son: “Yeah. He just wanted some peanut butter M&Ms. That's it.”

But that doesn’t wash with her observer, who replies with an incredulous laugh: "Yeah, I know you took the whole bin, though. I saw y'all on camera.”

She swiftly puts a number of treats back before telling the boy curtly: “Come on.”


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Ticktockers responded to the apparent bonbon burglar with horrified delight.


“This is like the fourth video I've seen of her,” commented another.

“But whyyyyyy I don’t understand, who can eat this much candy!!!!” added a third.

Whatever her motivations, we hope the woman has learned two valuable lessons: one, there are cameras everywhere; and two, leave the treats to the kids unless you want to be publicly tricked.

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