Women have been asking Hinge matches for their most controversial opinions – and some are shocking

Women have been asking Hinge matches for their most controversial opinions – and some are shocking

Online dating can be a complete minefield, and it’s especially difficult to really get to know your match during the early messaging stage.

But some women have decided to cut straight to the chase and waste no time by asking their Hinge matches what their most controversial opinions are.

And they’re pretty wild.

TikToker Amanda (@amanda346) shared her experiment with her followers and quickly went viral after some of the crazy responses she got from guys.

At the beginning of the video, she explained that she decided to do this to “save time.”


#greenscreen I love men. #amazing

She then proceeds to share screenshots of some of the answers she received but kept her matches’ identities anonymous.

The first guy said his most controversial opinion was that “intelligence is genetic.”

When Amanda asked him whether he meant “from both parents or one,” he shocking clarified that he meant genetic in sense of being “race based.”

Within the first attempt, the TikToker had already weeded out a racist.

Another match of hers was a bit more hesitant in sharing his answer. “I hope this doesn’t make you hate me,” he warned.

(That’s when you know it’s going to be bad).

“Men and women are never going to be equal.”

There it is.

“Wow amazing,” Amanda sarcastically replied.

But her match felt the need to justify his opinion and added: “It’s simply biology. Socially, yes we can be equal. But physically no.”

Amanda’s fourth match simply answered “chivalry” and when the TikToker asked if he was for or against it, the guy unsurprisingly replied: “Against.”

And of course, it wouldn’t be a controversial opinion compilation without there being an anti-vaxxer in the mix somewhere.

“That I don’t care at all about the vaccine :)” the guy responded and added that he “doesn’t think it’s a huge deal.”

On a final note, some other guy shared his pretty random and worrying belief that “bullying is good for the country.”

Since sharing her matches’ controversial takes, Amanda’s video has received nearly 8m views and 1.2m likes.

People shared their disbelief in the comments at how forthcoming the guys were with their views.

One person wrote: “I’m so glad the first guy clarified he was being racist.”

“Straight women are in the TRENCHES,” another person said.

Someone else added: “The way I was expecting something like ‘Breakfast food isn’t good’ and they went straight for racism.”

“Wow that’s a great timesaver, you’ve cracked the code,” a fourth person replied.

Elsewhere, TikToker Olivia (@oliviaedendyck) decided to follow suit and ask her matches outright for their controversial opinions.

Like Amanda, she too also got some insane responses.


#greenscreen #fyp #viral #scarystories #pov #asmr #help #i #hate #men

“Mine is very f**ked up...” one guy begins - we’re bracing ourselves...

“I think everyone considered obese should be required to have a daily calories cap. I know there are eating disorders and so on but I just can’t stand to see obese people shoving food down their throats.”

He then attempts to play off his fatphobia with an “anyways hahaha.”

Someone else took this opportunity to share that his controversial opinion is “probably being a Republican.”

At least he’s self-aware?

“I’ve got two,” another guy wrote.

“1. That I should be the second guy you kiss,” a cheesy comment sure... but his second is even worse.

“2. That my natural covid antibodies are stronger and better than the ones you get from your vaccine,” with a winky face.

The anti-vaxx messages kept coming, with some other guy writing: “This covid stuff was all the government! and another saying: “Vaccinate mandates are motivated by political power and greed alone.”

After sharing the controversial opinions she received, Olivia’s TikTok was also hugely popular and received 1.4m views and nearly 200,000 likes.

People similarly shared their astonishment about how open some of the guys were with the opinions they expressed.

One person wrote: “See - controversial opinions should be like ‘I don’t like the Beatles.” Not ‘I don’t believe certain people deserve rights.’”

“Why aren’t they embarrassed to tell you this?” Another person asked.

Someone else said: “It’s them asking for your opinion back like they aren’t about to get unmatch immediately.”

“Men really be out here with no shame for being ignorant bad people, huh? I hate it here.”

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