A Mac Miller fan wanted to pay homage to the late rapper with a tattoo dedicated to his song, Missed Calls, but later realised she – or rather, the tattoo artist – made a major blunder.

Izzy (@izzy38255), who has since fittingly changed her bio to “known for getting a botched tattoo”, initially took to the platform in a state of panic, sobbing: “I just got the worst f***king tattoo.”

The TikTok user asked the tattoo artist for it to be 2x3 in size but realised upon completion that her permanent ink physically read: “2-3X.”

“I got my cellphone from Mac Miller and told her I wanted it 2 by 3 size,” Izzy explained in her viral clip that has since racked 3.2 million views. “She tattooed the f**king 2 by 3. How do I fix that?”

Izzy was inundated with hundreds of questions and harsh criticism for not checking the stencil.

“I’m sorry? Did you not look at the stencil? I’m confused,” one quizzed, while another added: “Baby.... you could’ve said something the entire time you got nobody to be upset with but yourself.”


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This prompted the TikTok user to follow up with a storytime session, giving further context to the tattoo blunder.

Izzy said she felt “stupid” and admitted it “was [her] fault.”

She said: “My friend that I’m visiting here has been to that shop before and never had a bad experience so we made the appointment and it was supposed to be fine. The 2 by 3 I didn’t see it on the stencil when she first drew it up.”


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Izzy continued: “I wanted the cell phone to say missed calls for Mac Miller ‘cos I visited the blue slide park while I’m here,” referring to the playground that inspired Miller’s album.

“So, I saw it on the paper before she printed it off. I thought that was for a size reference, I wanted it 2 by 3 size.

“When she was doing the tattoo, she had me lay down flat with my arm completely bent sideways, weird.

“When I did look over, it was mostly just like her head. I couldn’t really see it.”


Despite the fail, Izzy eventually saw the positive side and concluded: “I can fix it. I’m not worried” – and so she did.  

She later shared the rectified tattoo, with the error shaded in and the outline neatened out.

Talk about miscommunication.

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