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You’ve probably had a moment of disgust as a hair emerges from the food you’ve mostly demolished, or shuddered when reading about an insect hitchhiker in fruit.

But what’s the worst thing you could find in your food?

YouGov has surveyed the nation and compiled a definitive rundown of exactly what we’d least like to see in our food.

The winner is animal droppings, with 24 per cent of people voting it as the worst thing they could find in their food.

The second worst is a maggot, followed by glass, slugs, spiders, plasters and finger nails.

Now there’s a sentence to put you off food forever.

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Thankfully, only 1 per cent of people have discovered animal dropping in their food. The most popular unwelcome discovery is mould – 18 per cent of Brits say they’ve been unfortunate enough to find this in their food.

Worryingly, 36 per cent of us have found a hair in our food when eating out.

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