Andrew Tate is more popular than ever on YouTube despite ban

Andrew Tate is more popular than ever on YouTube despite ban
Andrew Tate says he's committed to charity work following social media ban
The Tate Bible

He’s been banned from every major social media platform out there, but Andrew Tate seems to be more popular than ever.

The former kickboxer and controversial commentator has become one of the most talked about figures online in 2022.

He was banned from TikTok, Meta, and YouTube recently after they stated he was sharing “hateful” ideas about women and masculinity in viral clips.

Tate was also previously kicked off Twitter in 2017 for comments he made about women, saying those affected by sexual assault should “bare some responsibility” – appearing to blame them for the abuse received.

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However, despite the bans, he’s still been appearing in videos across the platforms, especially videos on TikTok.

According to Google search data, Tate’s popularity has grown exponentially in the past six months. As he’s been a trending topic in that time, it means that he’s been popping up in people’s feeds on YouTube shorts - if you scroll long enough, the chances are you'll come across a video about him.

The problem is also in the number of fan channels which have been posting content focusing on Tate. While YouTube has banned his official channels, the platform can’t do anything to stop different accounts clipping up old Tate interviews and reposting them.

Tate was banned from TikTok and YouTube in AugustThe Tate Bible

As Dexerto reports, the top 10 videos mentioning Tate on YouTube have a combined total of 13 million views. Seven are YouTube Shorts, while the others were posted by different accounts discussing Tate – or challenging him to a boxing match, in the case of KSI.

With news of his social media bans continuing to make headlines around the world and a host of fans online looking to come to his defence, it seems that Tate’s popularity isn’t coming to an end just yet.

Tate claimed that banning him from the networks wouldn't allow for a "kinder hate-free society".

In a recent clip, Tate was seen encouraging the crowd to shout "f**k Instagram" before revealing that he has joined Rumble, a social media app best known for appealing to right-wing and conservative users.

"I’m on Rumble now, guys. Go to Rumble.com. Find me on there," Tate says in the video before saying "I'll be in Croatia for a week. So follow me on Rumble and I'll put up on Rumble where I'm going to be for any parties and you guys can come."

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