Tommy Lee posts nude photo on social media
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Last week, social media users were left horrified when they woke up to Tommy Lee's nude splashed across their Instagram feeds first thing in the morning.

The photo left little, or nothing, to the imagination as he bared all from the bottom down. No warning, no disclaimer, no blurring – just a simple caption that read: "Ooooopppsss".

While the photo was eventually removed as per Instagram's strict nudity policy, the full frontal was said to be up for around five hours. During this time, Twitter was filled with memes, gaffs and the glorification of Lee's penis.

Meanwhile, Britney Spears has been repeatedly shamed for uploading her nude snaps to the 'gram – and it's caused quite the debate on double standards.

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The Mötley Crüe drummer shared the photo last Thursday (August 11) with his 1.4 million Instagram followers. Instagram

Spears, who has uploaded multiple naked photos in the past (using her hands and emojis to cover her modesty), has been the target of a different type of response.

People trolled her posts for being "sad", while others were accused of "mom-shaming" the star.

People soon took to Twitter to call out the double standards of Spears' and Lee's nudes.

"Why is it that Tommy Lee can show his [eggplant emoji] and people have no problem, but Britney Spears can’t show her body (privates covered btw) without hate? Make it make sense" one said, while another reitereated: "2022 and we have to witness Tommy Lee being praised for posting a frontal nude while Britney Spears is constantly momshamed for posting sexy pics ffs."

A third added: "Tommy Lee, a man & father, posts a full-frontal nude ‘Haha what a jokester. Good for him and his giant dong. Let’s make memes about this.’ Britney Spears, a woman & mother, posts an IG-safe lewd ‘This woman is clearly unwell. How embarrassing for her children. I’m appalled'".

Madonna has also been subject to harsh backlash, after Instagram removed a risque post over a glimpse of nipple.

The 'Material Girl' singer since re-uploaded the provocative photoshoot with a lengthy caption surrounding the platform’s stance on female nudity.

She said: “It’s astounding to me that we live in a culture that allows every inch of a woman’s body to be shown except a nipple,” after “a small portion of my nipple was exposed.

Indy100 reached out to Instagram for comment.

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