Trying to fully explain why trolls choose to send harmful messages to other people online isn't something that we are ever likely to understand.

Whether they are sending needless messages to celebrities or criticising women for their appearance, trolls seem intent on spreading misery without any reason or thought.

One person who is trying to highlight just how bizarre a troll's behaviour can be is body positive Instagram model Chessie King, who is all too aware of the capability of trolls.

Her Instagram account is dedicated to spreading positivity, a realistic perspective on body shape and encouraging people to live the lives that they want to and not be controlled by critics or trends.

Yet rather than continuously post a stream of uplifting and empowering pictures and photos, Chessie, on occasion bows down to the trolls’ wishes – but not in the way you may think.

Chessie has produced a series of videos in conjunction with the anti-cyberbullying organisation Cybersmile, in which her body is digitally altered depending on what trolls are saying to her.

The results are truly the stuff of nightmares and are not only harrowing to behold but highlight just how impossible it is for anyone to achieve what some would define as the perfect body, without causing serious harm to one's health.

In the caption for the video, Chessie wrote:

If we changed our body for every troll, listened to every cyber bully, we would be monsters.

Whether you have 23 followers or 3 million, NO ONE should have to deal with regular hate online.

This article was originally published in April 2018

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