The 10 biggest reactions to Eamonn Holmes' damning Phillip Schofield interview

The 10 biggest reactions to Eamonn Holmes' damning Phillip Schofield interview
Former This Morning host Eamonn Holmes says Phillip Schofield 'was sacked'

Former ITV presenter Eamonn Holmes has sparked a big reaction following his damning interview with GB News about Phillip Schofield.

Holmes and Schofield were former colleagues on ITV’s morning TV show This Morning before Holmes left the show in December 2021.

In a tell-all interview, after it emerged publicly that Schofield was having an affair with a male staff member many years his junior and resigned from ITV, Holmes accused the TV network of a “cover-up” and said Schofield created a “toxic” atmosphere.

In an interview with Dan Wootton on GB News, Holmes claimed that the younger male colleague would be “delivered from Philip’s London home” to the ITV studio in a car after having stayed at his London home “in cars paid for by ITV”.

Holmes also claimed that the affair was “known by virtually every staff member both on and off screen” and that ITV covered it up until Schofield made the admission himself in a statement.

In his interview, Holmes said: “Those in authority had to know what was going on and they thought they would dodge a bullet with this.”

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The bombshell interview prompted some to discuss their thoughts on the whole saga and left some questioning why it is only now that Holmes has decided to speak up about it.

“I love watching Eamonn Holmes struggling to pair the ‘I knew nothing’ with the ‘I knew everything’ Schofield narrative. Pick one or the other Eamonn FFS.”

Another said: “This whole Schofield saga shows just what an empty house of cards this whole media industry is, and reveals what a bunch of nasty narcissists they all are.

“Not just Schofield, but Eamonn Holmes, Dan Wootton, Dr Ranj, Holly Willoughby, all of them self-serving fakes.”

Meanwhile, others congratulated Holmes for speaking up.

Someone tweeted: “@EamonnHolmes brilliant interview with @danwootton. Get it all out there for an enquiry which obvs needs investigating.

“Eamonn would have never gone down this road if he feared it would bite him on the bum. Time for a change @itv @thismorning well done for speaking the truth.”

Another argued: “You can be disgusted by Philip Schofield and still be fed up [with] Dan Wooton, Eamonn Holmes, Dr Ranj and every other cretin jumping on this story for five minutes there’s nothing to be gained by ‘telling your truth’ now too little too late.”

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