Ed Miliband just took Donald Trump down with another sassy tweet

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Ed Miliband has been on fire recently.

The former leader of the Labour Party and current MP for Doncaster North has discovered a new type of swagger, now he's no longer so heavily scrutinised.

With the weight of the British media off of his shoulders, Miliband hasn't been holding back on Twitter.

In fact he's been dishing out sass like it's nobody's business.

Not content with criticising Tories or members of the British press, the 47-year-old has turned his attention to the United States Commander-in-Chief, Donald J. Trump and his unique use of the social network.

Trump, who has spent the last few days at the G20 Summit in Hamburg was referring to those Hillary Clinton email's which were so popular in the 2016 Presidential Election and why her former chairman John Podesta didn't hand them over to officials.

We weren't there - so we can't be sure - but it would be doubtful if 'everyone' at the G20 was talking about a United States domestic concern, rather than global issues such as Climate Change, North Korea's behaviour, and the Syrian civil war.

Regardless, some of Ed's followers had a go at his new game and came up with some brilliant responses.

Of course, this isn't the first time Miliband has taken pot-shots at the President.

We just want to know when Trump's 'Bacon sandwich' moment will happen.

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We can't wait.

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