Harry Kane is put to the test during 'Hot Ones' appearance - but how did he do?

Harry Kane is put to the test during 'Hot Ones' appearance - but how did he do?
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Harry Kane was the latest guest to appear on First We Feast's Hot Ones challenge and proved he could handle the heat off the pitch.

The YouTube show sees host Sean Evans interview celebrity guests. During each question, both he and a guest eat a chicken wing that has been coated in different hot sauces, with the Scoville level (the heat or spiciness) increasing each time.

Some of the previous celebrity guests include Jennifer Lawrence, Gordon Ramsay, Florence Pugh, and Noel Gallagher.

In the latest episode, host Evans began by asking the England captain how he is around spicy food, to which Kane admitted that he's "not great," adding that "it's not something [he] normally [has] a lot".

The first wing had a Scoville level of 1,600 which Kane ate with ease and said it was "not too bad," as Evans asked the footballer about his record-breaking season, scoring over 30 goals and becoming England's all-time leading goal scorer.

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Kane described the latter achievement as a "dream come true," before having a slight cough and reaching for a glass of milk - was the spice getting to him already?

Harry Kane Takes One For the Team While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Oneswww.youtube.com

Next up was a wing with a Scoville level of 6,000 and to Kane's surprise he found this one "a little easier".

"I do like a curry back home in England, so I'm quite familiar with that taste," he told Evans, appearing more confident in his ability to handle the spice.

For the wings with a Scoville level of 15,500, 36,500, and then 49,000, followed by 71,000 and 103,000, Kane took them in his stride, with some coughs, a runny nose and sips of milk along the way.

Kane wasn't a fan of the chicken wing with "Da Bomb" hot sauce as he coughed and drank a glass of milk.YouTube/First We Feast

Then came "Da Bomb," hot sauce at a Scoville level of 135,600 which a nervous Kane commented: "I've heard about this. I've just heard it's brutal. Unenjoyable."

Though it didn't stop the Tottenham player from taking a bite, before telling Evans that it was "not nice," and "disgusting," and added that he could have the other sauces he's tried with food, but not with "Da Bomb".

Despite the discomfort, Kane continued on to eat wings that had a Scoville level of 641,000 before finally making it to the final wing where he join in the tradition of dabbing an extra bit of sauce on the wing.

Going straight for it, the footballer noted how the heat "straight up [his] nose".

Footy fans loved seeing Kane on Hot Ones and in the comments praised performance for making it to the end.

One person said: "Never in a million years did I think I'd see Harry Kane on this show, but I'm all here for it."

"Let's be real he surprised every single one of us after seeing his reaction to the first wing. Respect," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "Harry seems so wholesome!! And handled the hot sauces so well for someone who doesn't appear to eat much hot sauce."

"One of the best episodes ever! Big bites, no complaints and a good talk," a fourth person commented.

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