Harry Styles helps shy fan come out to her mum during concert: “She’s gay!”

Harry Styles helps shy fan come out to her mum during concert: “She’s gay!”

Harry Styles was in the middle of performing at the Milwaukee leg of his Love On Tour concert shows when a fan specially requested his help in coming out to their mom mid-gig.

Mckinley Mcconnell, who was standing nearby by the stage, got the Watermelon Sugar singer’s attention with the large banner that read: “My mom is in section 201. Help me come out??”

As an LGBT+ ally, Harry was more than happy to play the messenger in breaking the news to McKinley’s mother Lisa who was sitting in another area of the arena.

Harry began to call out Lisa’s name, shouting “Where are you?” before spotting her as the camera panned to her waving.

The 27-year-old then quickly ran to the other side of the stage again to offer the microphone to McKinley, and asked her: “What would you like to tell your mother?”

Appearing shy, Harry asked the fan if she would prefer for him to break the news to which she said yes.

“There’s a lot of people. Did you not know?” he laughed. “Did you think this through?”

On a mission, Harry jogged to the other side of the stage once more to deliver the message, shouting: “LISA, SHE’S GAY!”

The crowd erupted into celebratory cheers, as Lisa can be seen on camera appearing emotional with her hands covering her mouth in shock.

McKinley later said that getting her mum a last-minute ticket to Harry’s show was “a sign” to go for it.

“I had honestly managed to get my mom a ticket for the show just a couple days before,” she told indy100. “I took that as a sign that I should just go for it & make the sign, literally never believing that Harry would ever read it,” she said.

“The moment means so much to me, Harry & my mom both mean so much to me. To be able to share this moment it’s literally indescribable.”

McKinley has since posted the video to her Twitter account (@intothexxlight), and described what happened as “a moment that will actually be with me forever.”

She thanked Harry for “creating a safe place,” “letting me grow alongside you as a fan,” and “helping me know who I am.”

Her video has been viewed over 50,000 times, and she’s received over 11,000 likes, while other videos from fans have also made rounds online.


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McKinley also said her mum is still “in shock” and added that “It was a very very emotional reunion” between them after the concert.

“A sweet girl actually captured the movement we reunited & it’s something so special to me. I’m feeling so incredibly grateful, like a weight is off my shoulder. I’m just trying to take in everyone kindness as much as I can.”

It’s definitely a moment both mother and daughter - and Harry Styles - will never forget.

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