Harry Styles really got a buzz cut as latest photos confirm his new look

Harry Styles really got a buzz cut as latest photos confirm his new look
Harry Styles Fans Freak Out Over Shaved Head Rumor
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Harry Styles did shave off his beloved locks as new clearer images confirm the singer has a buzz cut - and fans are beside themselves.

(If you have friends who are Harry stans, maybe check in on them and see how they are doing).

There had been rumours swirling that the As It Was singer changed up his hair when a grainy photo of him was taken at a U2 concert in Las Vegas.

The image was also shared over the weekend by celebrity gossip account Deuxmoi.

While Styles did look different in the photo, his dedicated fans couldn't quite believe it.

But now the evidence is undeniable as clearer images of Styles with his new look have been reported by TMZ.

In the clip, the Grammy Award winner can be seen enjoying the music alongside rumoured girlfriend and Bones and All actor Taylor Russell.

Fans have been sharing their thoughts and reactions to Styles's "Baldryy era," while also mourning the fact that his luscious locks are gone.

One person said: "Baldrry was never in my 2023 bingo card."

"He’s not Harry Styles anymore just Styles," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "This MIGHT be the worst thing that’s happened to me."

"Trying to convince myself that that’s a doppelganger," a fourth person commented.

Many have joked that Styles shaved his head in response to a recent Taylor Swift Vault track from 1989 (Taylor's Version)called 'Now That We Don't Talk.'

As one line from the song goes: "You grew your hair long / You got new icons."

Though there are some who are a fan of the buzz cut look on Styles.

The buzz cut has certainly divided the fandom, but all would agree they are looking forward to seeing what Styles does next.

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