Here is Bear Grylls feeding Barack Obama a half-eaten, bloody salmon carcass

"Bear is a mediocre cook," the most powerful man in the world explains. "The fact we ate something that was recognisable was... encouraging."

That's right, taking time out from being president of the United States, Barack Obama has been out in the wilds of Alaska filming for a new wildlife show with Bear Grylls.

Picture: NBC/YouTube

In a short clip of Running Wild With Bear Grylls released on YouTube, the British survival expert can be seen preparing a meal for the president.

"Alaska is a land of bear and salmon," Grylls explains before yanking out a piece of salmon which he'd "found on the riverbank", that had been half-eaten and discarded by a bear.

Picture: NBC/YouTube

"Now why wouldn't the bear finish this sucker?" the president implores, while probably secretly thinking "why did I agree to this show?"

Watch the full clip below:

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