Jackie Weaver was invited to be on The Circle, but she has her sights set on another show

Jackie Weaver was invited to be on The Circle, but she has her sights set on another show

Jackie Weaver was invited to be on Channel 4 reality showThe Circle, the viral sensation has revealed.

Speaking on The Political Party Podcast with Matt Forde, the parish council clerk who went viral for an infamous Zoom meeting spoke about the impact of her fame and said she had been asked to participate in the reality TV show.

But she wasn’t keen...

“I hadn’t even heard of it,” she said. “I don’t have time to do it.”

When pressed as to why she didn’t want to be on the game, she added: “I’m holding out for Ben [Shephard] to invite me on Tipping Point.

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Weaver shot to notoriety after arguing with the chair of Handforth Parish councilCheshire, Brian Tolver, who said she had “no authority here” during a meeting in December. Weaver removed Tolver from the Zoom call and placed him in a virtual waiting room after he shouted at her about her level of “authority”. He has recently revealed he is quitting the council.

Vice-chairman Aled Brewerton also shouted: “Read the standing orders. Read them and understand them,” causing the meeting to descend into chaos and arguments – much to the delight of those on social media.

Speaking about the incident, Weaver told Forde she had “never come across such an angry man”.

“The level of hostility surprised me,” she added.

Weaver said when she first found out she had gone viral because of the event it meant “nothing” to her.

“When somebody told me… ‘you’re trending number three in the country’ it meant absolutely nothing to me. It was like somebody had just said blue socks grow with garden tools,” she said.

However, she has come round to her fame and said: “It’s such an opportunity”.

But despite wishing to appear on Tipping Point, in which contestants answer general knowledge questions to win coins to push in an arcade-style coin-pusher, Weaver criticised host Shephard for the number of buttons he fastens on his shirt, and said that undoing the top three was “pushing it”.

Taking on her cause, podcast host Forde said he would call on Shephard to invite her on the show.

Ben Shephard’s silence, however, has been deafening. Let’s hope Weaver gets her dream gig.

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