Jeremy Clarkson's own daughter condemns father's 'misogyny' towards Meghan Markle

Jeremy Clarkson's own daughter condemns father's 'misogyny' towards Meghan Markle

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Ex-Top Gear host and journalist Jeremy Clarkson has come under fire this weekend, after penning a “vicious” and “disgusting” piece for The Sun in which he claims he dreams of the Duchess of Sussex being made to “parade naked” in public while people “throw lumps of excrement” at her.

The appalling remarks – published on Friday – come after the final three episodes of the Netflix docuseries Harry and Meghan were released on Thursday, which follows the Sussexes after their decision to step back as senior royals in 2020.

In the column, Clarkson wrote he hates Meghan “on a cellular level” and wants people to “throw lumps of excrement” at her.

Thankfully, many celebrities and commentators and even the presenter's eldest daughter, Emily Clarkson, have taken to social media to call out his sickening remarks. As they should.

Emily, Clarkson's eldest daughter wrote on her Instagram stories: "My views are and have always been clear when it comes to misogyny, bullying and the treatment of women by the media.

"I want to make it very clear that I stand against everything that my dad wrote about Meghan Markle and I remain standing in support of those targeted with online hatred."

Emily Clarkson/Instagram

Comedian Dom Joly tweeted: “Literally gobsmacked at the utterly vile and disgusting comments written about Meghan Markle by Jeremy Clarkson in the Sun. What an utter piece of trash he is… what is with these type of men that triggers them so?”

Author Dr Jessica Taylor said the remarks “proves everything [Meghan and Harry] are saying”, describing Clarkson’s article as “absolutely jaw-dropping, terrifying misogyny and abuse”.

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LBC host Natasha Devon commented: “Piers Morgan: ‘No one will ever so publicly and decisively s*** the bed about Meghan Markle having the audacity to exist in the world than I have! *beats chest*

“Jeremy Clarkson: *Hold my beer*”

Sharing a clip from Game of Thrones which Clarkson appears to be referencing, barrister and Right to Equality founder Dr Charlottte Proudman said Clarkson’s comments are “depraved”.

Nimco Ali, a social activist and CEO of The Five Foundation, wrote: “A young Black woman opens up about her struggle with suicidal thoughts as a result of the abuse she got from the media and this is how some men in the media react. This is absolutely horrific.”

Funnyman John Bishop said “you simply can not [sic] write things like this”, adding it is a “blatant appeal to incite humiliation and violence on a woman”.

“Some have excused it as dark humour. There is no joke here Jeremy Clarkson and no excuse,” he tweeted.

Political artist Cold War Steve chipped in with a “genius” piece on the situation, while comedian Kathy Burke called Clarkson a “colossal c***”.

There’s countless more tweets condemning Clarkson, but we think that sums it up well.

Clarkson is yet to respond to the widespread backlash, while individuals are already reporting the article to the Independent Press Standards Organisation, the self-regulator of outlets such as The Sun.

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