Khloe Kardashian throws daughter True a kitten and squishmallow themed party

Khloé Kardashian came clean and admitted that she photoshopped her daughter into old Disneyland pictures.

The admission comes after she accidentally revealed that True’s first time going to the park was this week in honor of her 4th birthday, despite photos of her daughter with Kim Kardashian's daughter Chicago having been previously shared.

People were left wondering what the truth was and whether or not this was actually True's first time going to Disneyland, leading Khloe to fess up.

“Welllppp I f**ked this one up. Anyways….. let’s focus on something else 😂,” Kardashian tweeted before she plugged her family’s new Hulu series: “Our show airs in a few days 🤣.”

Some might recall that people called out what looks like very obvious photoshop from the original photos, with one TikToker going viral for pointing out the edits.

In the photos, Chicago looked slightly blurry while True looked oddly clear, a clear sign of photoshop.

The Kardashians are known for their photoshop fails, so the theory that this too, was edited was not exactly out of the ordinary.

After some serious research, the TikTok user claimed that the family had edited True’s face onto Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormi’s body. The photos they referenced were taken in October 2021 and revealed Chicago and Stormi in the same outfits.

“It’s okay Khloe we already knew! We just wanna know why!😂😂 Love you Koko,” @KardashianSocial wrote.

"not you ruining the lie LMAOOOOOOO," joked another person.

Someone else said, lol but why did yall photoshop her face on stormi tho?? like i really wanna know."

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