KSI confirms NSFW Prime energy drink advert with Logan Paul is not real

KSI confirms NSFW Prime energy drink advert with Logan Paul is not real

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The hype around YouTuber, boxer and musician KSI (real name JJ Olatunji) and content creator and wrestler Logan Paul’s drink brand Prime appears to be showing no signs of slowing down, with fans coming up with their own memes and adverts to promote the product.

As if the ongoing drama around Wakey Wines – a Wakefield shop which appears to be selling Prime at inflated prices – wasn’t enough, one ‘advert’ for the drink has surfaced featuring KSI drinking from a bottle of the strawberry and watermelon flavour in a rather unflattering position.

While Paul is seen smiling in a pink jumper and holding up a bottle of the drink, KSI is seen taking a sip of Prime near Logan’s lower half.

You know what the implication is, and we’re not elaborating further.

Fortunately, though, KSI has already confirmed the mock-up image is fake and is not a real advert. Thank God.

In a YouTube video uploaded to his channel last month, the influencer reacted to posts shared to his subreddit, which has more than 2.8 million members.

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One of said posts was of the edited picture, along with the caption “new Prime ad”.

Laughing, while circling the unfortunate placement of his face in the image, he said: “OK, why am I down there? Alright.

“F***ing hell, man.”

Despite this indication that the ad was fake, one Twitch streamer known by the username TizeFromTwitter fell for it, tweeting on Saturday: “Who directed the ad campaigns for Prime, bro?”

Adding some laughing emojis, KSI wrote back: “Tize bro, you know this is fake, right?”

“Found out way too late, man,” Tize replied.

No finer example of not believing everything you see on the internet, is there?

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