Liam Payne shows off artistic talents with Duke of Edinburgh painting

Liam Payne has revealed he has more artistic talents than singing.

Posting on Instagram, the singer and former member of One Direction shared a painting he had done of the late Duke of Edinburgh.

The caption on the image read: “Rest in peace HRH Prince Philip, finished this off whilst listening to your life what a great legacy left behind.”

The image was posted ahead of Prince Philip’s funeral. 30 mourners attended the event, due to coronavirus restrictions.

The post garnered more than 10,000 comments and some of Payne’s fans were pleasantly surprised to see his artistic prowess.

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One commented: “This man is talented in absolutely everything!”

Another said: “Amazing.”

“Your so talented Liam,” another wrote.

But others were unhappy to see Payne appear to support the late prince, and said he should not pay tribute to him due to the controversial comments he made in the past.

One commented: “Absolutely not”. Another said: “I can’t keep defending you.”

Whatever your opinion is of the Royal Family and the late duke, there is no denying that Payne’s got great paintbrush skills. And that’s really something.

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