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Dennis Green likes the London Underground.

He really, really likes it.

He likes it so much he wrote an article about how London is a “transportation paradise” compared to his current home of New York.

In the article, published initially on Business Insider, he wrote:

I think it's best summarized in the status update heard over the PA system every so often in the Underground: "There is good service on all London Underground lines." You definitely don't hear that every day in New York.

He was even enamoured by the ticket machine:

Getting through the turnstile is quick as a flash, and while there were times the card didn't register on the first touch, another quick one did the trick.

And the seats:

Another cool thing about the Underground: All the seats are cloth-covered, and they're much more comfortable than a plastic bench. There are also cloth-covered rails to lean against, which is a smart idea.

Green documented a journey across the city, and concluded:

Tap your Oyster card again to leave the station, and it'll register how much you paid. It took roughly 40 minutes to get to my destination, and with not a single bump along the way. New York can't do that.

He didn't have a bad word to say, in fact.

Green obviously didn't get caught up in rush hour:

Picture:Picture: Getty / Oli Scarff

Or a strike:

Picture:Picture: Getty / Oli Scarff

Or, sadly, the annual No Trousers on the Tube Day:

Picture:Picture: AFP/Getty / Justin Tallis

People have been equal parts cynical and charmed by Green's glowing account of Transport for London:

Mind the gap.

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