The difference between American and British accents

The difference between American and British accents

Korean Billy is a Seoul-based YouTuber whose interest in British culture knows no bounds.

In fact, he’s made a video to explain how differently British English (AKA the real English) sounds in comparison to American pronunciations.

He identified four differing sounds:


In British English, the ‘T’ sound is clear, but in American English the ‘T’ sound is flat.


In British English, ‘R’ is pronounced almost as ‘ah’, whereas, in American English, you roll the tongue to pronounce it.


In British English, you pronounce this as 'oh', making the round shape with your mouth. In American English, the pronunciation is much closer to ‘ah’.


In British English the ‘A’ is pronounced by opening your mouth wide, whereas, in American English, it sounds almost like a longer 'eh' sound in 'bed'.

Here's the entire video, below:

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