Martin Scorsese has officially made the leap from Oscar-winning icon to TikTok legend.

The world-famous director, known for blockbusters including Gangs of New York, Raging Bull and The Irishman, proved he also has a soft (and clueless) side in a hilarious clip posted by his daughter.

In a break from filming his next movie Killers of the Flower Moon, Scorsese agreed to be grilled by Francesca, 21, on the purpose of different beauty and hygiene products.

The clip, titled ‘Having my dad guess feminine items pt. 1’ shows the 78-year-old attempting to figure out what exactly things like hair donuts and moon cups are for, and what the hell they’re called.

It begins with him confidently identifying an eyelash curler as “mascara”, before vaguely referring to a beauty blending sponge as “some sort of cosmetic thing that you use”.

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He then sees a moon cup which he instantly calls a “flagon” (a large drink container), before changing his answer to an “eye cup”. Whatever that’s supposed to be.

From there, he encounters nipple pasties – or “earbuds”, in his eyes – and correctly recognises that scrunchies are “for your head”.

A hair donut, however, must just be some sort of “pillow”, he declares.

The hilarious sequence has been watched more than 80,000 times within a day, with hundreds of fans sharing their delight at the cameo.

“Martin Scorsese official TikTok account WHEN?” one viewer asked.

“Wait, I thought everyone commenting ‘it’s Scorsese’ was a joke. It’s actually HIM,” wrote another TikToker.

While another asked: “Why isn’t this at 500 million likes… this should be a crime.”

All we know is that this was “part one,” according to Francesca. We can’t wait to see part two has in store…

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