Megan Fox had the best response to fan who said she hadn't shaved bikini line

Megan Fox had the best response to fan who said she hadn't shaved bikini line
A Look Back At Megan Fox's Career

Megan Fox completely owned a fan who trolled her for having an unshaven bikini line - when it was actually her tattoo.

In an Instagram post to her 20.8m followers, the Transformers actor shared a photo of herself and her fiancé Machine Gun Kelly getting into the Halloween spirit.

Fox was dressed up as Zelda from the iconic video game, The Legend Of Zelda, while Kelly dressed as Link.

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For her outfit, Fox sported a burgundy corset attached to a cream embroidered skirt with two slits from the top of her leg that showed part of her pelvis where there was a small glimpse of her tattoo.

She accessorised the look with some knee-high shiny laced gold boots, and a crown, (and of course not forgetting the elf ears too).

"Very seriously looked into elf ear modification after this. @grimes let me know if you find someone," she posted as the caption.

The post has since had thousands of comments, with people praising the pair's costume as "iconic."

However, one male commenter decided to take it upon himself to berate Fox for her grooming habits.

"All that money and she can’t but a razor,” the troll commented. “She’s now off my ‘list.'”

Fox hit back at a commenter who criticised her for not shaving, as she noted it was actually her tattooInstagram/meganfox

But Fox wasn't having any of it and decided to shut the troll down with her reply.

“Are you mistakenly referring to my tattoo?” she wrote in response pointing out their mistake and then sarcastically added: “Either way I’m devastated to be off your list. Was hoping you’d wife me.”

Fox's reply has since received over 13,000 likes as many praised the actor for defending herself.

One person wrote: "That’s haters. They can’t find anything bad so they become creative with bulls****."

"As if Megan Fox would give two s–ts about being off your list. She’s a queen. Get a reality check,” another said. “Oh and by the way, it’s 2022, if she wanted a hairy vag who cares!! But it’s blatantly a tattoo so jokes on you.”

Someone else added: "Imagine caring what another woman does with her body.

This wasn't the only costume Fox and Machine Gun Kelly wore for Halloween, as the couple also dressed up as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee.

They were also accused of "mocking" Christianity when the rapper wore a priest costume, while Fox was dressed in lingerie.

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