MrBeast shares his first radical policy should he become president as he reaches 300m subscribers

MrBeast shares his first radical policy should he become president as he reaches 300m subscribers
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MrBeast has given an insight into what he would do if he was ever successful in winning the US Presidency.

There has been a lot of talk about if the two candidates who are likely to battle it out in the US elections in November, in current US President and Democrat Joe Biden and former President and Republican Donald Trump, are the best options.

Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast who has just broken the 300m YouTube subscriber mark, said on X / Twitter he would run for the role if he was old enough - he's 26-years-old and only natural US citizens aged 35 and above can run for it.

But after a number of people said on social media and in YouTube comments he could win the election , which could be backed up if followers on certain social media sites was a part of it, he's even elaborated on what he would do and focus on if he got into power.

MrBeast Tweeted: "If I were President I wouldn't care about party lines, I'd just always truly make the American people my #1 priority.

"For problems I'm ignorant in I'd have experts from the left and right advise me on them and try to find the middle ground that's best for America.

"Wouldn't be buyable, don't care about doing things just because my party says I should, and I would focus on uniting the country instead of dividing it."

It seems he would take quite a centrist stance based on that.

He also hinted previously he would quit YouTube and focus full-time on being the US President if he did win.

A number of his fans would probably say it's a good job he won't be able to run for at least another eight years given the current law in that case.

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