Would MrBeast win the US presidency if he was allowed to run?

Would MrBeast win the US presidency if he was allowed to run?
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YouTube's most subscribed channel and person MrBeast has said he would run for US President if he was allowed to - but would he actually win?

There has been a lot of talk about if the two candidates who are likely to battle it out in the US elections in November, in current US President and Democrat Joe Biden and former President and Republican Donald Trump, are the best options.

There have been a number of mounting calls for Biden to step aside following his calamitous performance in the first Presidential debate of the year between himself and Trump at the end of June; Biden also recently made another media gaffe where he referred to himself as the "first black woman".

himself has numerous controversies against his name, as well as being a recently convicted felon and was also voted out of the White House in 2020 after one of the worst presidential reigns in history.

One person who put his hat in the ring to run for President - if he was allowed to - is Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast.

He Tweeted: "If we lower the age to run for President I'll jump in the race."

US law states natural American citizens must be at least 35-years-old to be in the running along with a number of other requirements - MrBeast is 26.

But how would he get on if he was to run? Would he win if he went against either Biden or Trump?

While that answer would never be known unless he was actually in the running, something that can be looked at is their social media followings, with the caveat it's likely a higher proportion of MrBeast's followers would not be able to vote due to their age or location in the world compared to those of Biden and Trump.

Let's compare the social media sites all three have a notable presence with their own popular pages on - Facebook, Instagram and X / Twitter.

For the purposes of the comparison, official organisation accounts, such as @POTUS (President of the United States) on Instagram, are not included.

A composite image of Donald Trump, Jimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast and Joe Biden / Alex Brandon, AP Photo; Brendon Thorne, Getty Images; Chris Kleponis, AFP via Getty Images

On Facebook, Biden has 11m followers, Trump has 34m and MrBeast has 21m.

On Instagram, Biden has 17.1m, Trump has 24.8m and MrBeast has 58.3m

On X / Twitter, Biden has 38.1m, Trump has 87.2m (even though he is inactive) and MrBeast has 30.3m.

Adding those totals up, Trump would win with 146m, MrBeast would come second with 109.6m and Biden third with 66.2m.

If TikTok was added into the mix though, while Biden does not have an account, MrBeast has 97.6m followers with Trump, who only recently joined, on 7.5m followers, swinging the result in MrBeast's favour.

MrBeast would still win heavily if Trump's Truth Social was added into the mix, where he was 7.1m followers.

This of course is all a bit of fun - but if one day MrBeast did decide to run for President when he is old enough, it could spell the end of his YouTube career.

In reply to MrBeast's Tweet saying he would "jump in the race", a social media user asked if he would still continue to make YouTube videos if he was President.

MrBeast hinted he would not, replying: "I'd probably focus on running the largest economy on Earth."

A number of his fans would probably say it's a good job he won't be able to run for at least another eight years given the current law in that case.

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