Paige Spirinac reveals the signs that Joe Burrow has stolen your girl

Just How Good Is QB Joe Burrow?

Paige Spirinac, the golf influencer and founder of the new subscription-based site OnlyPaige, revealed exactly how men could know if their significant others have been swept away by Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow.

On Monday (23 January), Spirinac took to her Twitter to share a video, asking if the men on social media whose sweethearts have a crush on Burrow are “doing OK.”

“Are you doing OK? This is a wellness check. I just want to make sure that everything is alright since Joe Burrow has stolen your girls," Maxim’s “Hot 100” 2022 cover star says before going into some of “the warning signs.”

According to the former professional golf player, one of the indications that women are swooning over the 26-year-old Bengals quarterback is that they say their favourite number is “nine,” which is Burrow’s jersey number.

Another indication is that the women are “weirdly wearing a lot of orange and black, and it’s not Halloween.”

Orange and Black are the Bengals team colours.

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Spirinac also says that other signs that the women have been stolen by Burrows is them suggesting that their men add “blonde highlights” or make their hair completely “blonde,” similar to Burrow because they would “look good.”

“She’s weirdly buying you a lot of turtlenecks and sunglasses. She asks you what time is the Bengals game. She never liked football before. What’s going on?” she adds.

Spirinac continues on to say that the women may also want to “visit Ohio” because they heard it was a nice state to check out, and when their men mention anything about Burrows, they respond, “Well, he is a Sagittarius” as his birthday is 10 December.

Towards the end of the clip, the content creator shares the final “nail in the coffin” indication that Burrows has stolen these women’s hearts.

Spirinac then shows a screenshot image of Google search topics such as “Joe Burrow shirtless,” “Joe Burrow slow motion cigar,” and “Is Joe Burrow good at football.”

“So the question isn’t who dey, it is, how are you going to get your girl back,” she concludes.

Burrow, however, has been in a relationship with Olivia Holzmacher since 2017.

He has become a favourite amongst fans not just for his skills on the field, but his fashion sense, which includes rose-tinted sunglasses he wore after the Bengals won against the Las Vegas Raiders in January 2022.

The Bengals are set to play against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, 29 January, at the AFC Championship.

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