Ryan Reynolds reveals how his wife reacted to him buying Wrexham FC - and it wasn't good

Ryan Reynolds reveals how his wife reacted to him buying Wrexham FC - and it wasn't good
Ryan Reynolds reveals how Blake Lively reacted to Wrexham AFC purchase

In a new interview Ryan Reynolds revealed how his wife reacted to him buying the Welsh football team, Wrexham AFC.

Reynolds joined guest host Rob McElhenney on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to speak about their experience co-owning the football team on Tuesday. During which, he said his wife was not happy when he announced he bought Wrexham.

The two actors bought the Welsh team in 2020 after McElhenney approached Reynolds with the idea, despite the two having never met in person.

"I remember after you had reached out about this absolutely insane idea, and I remember showing up, seeing Blake and saying, 'I have bad news and I have really bad news'", Reynolds said.

"The bad news is I slipped into someone's DMs again, the really bad news is that, you know, I might have bought half of a 5th tier national football league in Wales."

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Reynolds went on to explain Lively's reaction was "not good" and joked the two were "still working through that one".

Reynolds and McElhenney explained how upon buying the team they had to learn to market the team properly and learn the rules of football. Thus the two decided to create a documentary series, Welcome to Wrexham, sharing their journey.

During the interview, Reynolds also spoke about his viral moment last year when he wildly celebrated an off side goal believing it be a good thing.

The two, not having seen the red flag, celebrated Wrexham's goal only to be told it did not count. While the embarrassing moment unfolded, David Beckham stood in the box with the two.

"We were cheering we looked over at Beckham," McElhenney said. "And he was just shaking his head."

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