Sabrina Carpenter's Kim Kardashian collaboration sparks concern from Taylor Swift fans

Sabrina Carpenter's Kim Kardashian collaboration sparks concern from Taylor Swift fans
Sabrina Carpenter fronts 90s-inspired Skims campaign

Sabrina Carpenter is the latest celeb to star in a campaign for Kim Kardashian's clothing brand Skims - but this has caused a stir among Taylor Swift fans.

The 24-year-old can be seen in a number of promotional images, in one she's sporting a pink lace corset with side-tie panties and a small pink bow in her hair while holding a cordless phone.

In another, Sabrina's wearing a mint green long-sleeved tee and boy shorts along with ruffled white ankle socks as she lying down on a blue carpet, listening to music via a Discman.

The 'Nonsense' singer can also be seen in photos wearing a split-front babydoll top and pink midi dress in what the shapewear and clothing brand describe as Sabrina's "spring fling."

“I feel very excited Skims chose me to be the face of this campaign as I’ve always been a fan of the brand," Sabrina said, Page Six reported.

Kim Kardashian commented in a press release: “Sabrina is not only a very talented musician, but she also has a fashion sense and an ‘it’ factor that really resonates with the next generation.”

“With her upcoming Coachella debut, there couldn’t be a better time to have her star in a Skims campaign. Her talent and playful style brings a new energy to these collections, and the campaign is so fun!”

Carpenter is pals with Taylor Swift and was recently the popstar's support act on her Eras Tour in Latin America, Asia, and Australia, so it's left Swifties confused as to why she would team up with Kim Kardashian's brand - whom Swift notably has a long-time feud with.

One fan wrote: "How she gonna open for Taylor Swift then work with Kim Kardashian."

"The Swiftie crossover I never saw coming," another person said as a third added: "the Swiftie universe has glitched."

"Me personally (not that anyone's asking me to) I wouldn't take a brand deal with skims not only cause I simply hate the Kardashian-Jenner clan but especially if I was so closely associated to Taylor Swift. but to each her own," a fourth person commented.

While others defended Carpenter for working with Kardashian, and noted how some of Swift's other friends have appeared in Skims campaigns before.

One person said: "Taylor is NOT her mom."

"She’s a free woman and can do what she wants lmao. Everything is business," another person said.

A third added: "Baby if Taylor doesn’t mind Selena and Lana advertising for Kim’s brand or Gigi Hadid being friends with the Kardashians, I think she shouldn’t mind Sabrina either because Taylor is an adult and mature woman unlike her fans, that is just an excuse to cancel Sabrina again."

"Literally no one cares about this drama anymore, not even Taylor, get over it damn," a fourth person commented.

It's not the first time Skims has worked with some of Swift's showbiz pals, as Lana Del Rey was the face of its Valentine's Day campaign, while the Mahomes family appeared in the company's holiday campaign last year.

Elsewhere, some are convinced that Swift will eventually appear in a Skims campaign as one person said: "Ok I'm gonna say it... First Lana, now Sabrina, next one Taylor Swift for Skims!"

"Predicting Taylor Swift SKIMS campaign in the near future," another person wrote.

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