Sarah Vine’s complaint about £23.50 sausage rolls becomes an instant meme

Sarah Vine’s complaint about £23.50 sausage rolls becomes an instant meme

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The more time we spend online, the more convinced we are that sausage rolls seem to be the enemy of most right-wing commentators – whether it be Piers Morgan’s irrational hatred of Greggs’ vegan alternative or, in the latest political meme, journalist Sarah Vine moaning about paying £23.50 for two sausage rolls at Clapham Junction.

The Daily Mail columnist, who was previously married to Tory cabinet minister Michael Gove, expressed her frustration with the pricing at the station kiosk in a tweet posted on Thursday afternoon – branding the cost “insane”.

In response to one commenter, she added: “I had no idea it would be so expensive. It was just a kiosk. At Clapham Junction!

“Might as well have been Harrods!”

Ms Vine also replied to another tweeter to confirm there was mustard in one of them, apparently.

The journalist was evidently shocked by the unbelievable price, but Twitter decided the anecdote was just that: unbelievable.

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Heck, even Greggs themselves joined in on the fun:

Eventually, Ms Vine offered up a screenshot from Apple Pay showing she had paid £23.25 at an unnamed patisserie (online sleuths have concluded it’s actually Digby’s Patisserie), but simple maths would tell you that you can’t exactly divide that sum by two for the two sausage rolls:

In fairness to Ms Vine, Google reviews for Digby’s Patisserie aren’t exactly glowing, with the establishment currently rated two stars and customers complaining it was “shameful” and “overpriced”.

One reads: “Total rip-off! £10.35 for a Coke and sausage roll. It wasn’t even nice.”

“£7 for a sausage roll. It tasted the same as Greggs,” fumed another.

A third wrote: “£6.95 for a sausage roll is just insane. I feel like I am robbed while eating the roll.”

Whether you believe the columnist’s pricey pastry or not, it wasn’t long before she took to Twitter to complain about another expensive encounter.

“I just paid £219 to buy 200 euros at the airport. Sterling is trading 1.14 euro to a pound.

“Wtaf? Why is EVERYTHING in this country such a rip off,” she tweeted.

Now we don’t want to seem too controversial, but we can’t help but wonder if the answer to that question is something beginning with ‘B’ which rhymes with ‘legs it’…

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