When it comes to Saturday Night Live, you can probably count Rep. Lauren Boebert out as a fan.

Boebert became the butt of the joke during a skit with SNL’s cast members Cecily Strong and Chloe Fineman, with the latter portraying the political figure.

Though the six-minute sketch that aired over the weekend was a hit amongst viewers, Boebert—who was ruthlessly mocked for her pro-gun beliefs—slammed it as being “poorly-acted” and called Fineman a “no name actor.”

Boebert even used the opportunity to insult reoccurring SNL actor, Alec Baldwin, and referenced the fatal Rust shooting of Halyna Hutchins.

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On Sunday she tweeted, “Seeing the poor trigger discipline from the no-name actress who played me makes me think Alec Baldwin did the gun safety training over there.”

Well, Fineman just hit back. Calling Boebert the “actual clown,” the comedian took to Instagram to share a carousel that featured an image from the SNL sketch and Boebert’s tweet which critiqued her performance.

“🤡🤡 (swipe for actual clown),” Fineman began her Instagram post. Adding, “p.s. loved clinkin our fake ass guns queern @cecilystrong and thanks @danbulla @kentola7 @annadrezen and errybody for a great CO! #peoplepeoplepeople.”

During the cold open sketch, Strong who played politician Marjorie Taylor Greene and Fineman posed as the two Republican Congresswomen holding their beloved semi-automatic rifles, and insisted that coronavirus was a “fake disease”.

In the comments, people applauded Fineman’s post and her SNL skit.

“😂😂😂😂 many are triggered from last night…it’s hilarious… ONE BAND ONE SOUND DAWG… YOU A KILLER CHLOE KEEP APPLYING PRESSURE 🔥,” wrote Punkie Johnson.

“somebody touched a nerve 😂,” laughed another.

Fellow cast member James Austin Johnson wrote, “I love that all these guys talk like Trump now.”

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