Bride’s dress code based on weight goes viral - and she had a ridiculous response

Bride’s dress code based on weight goes viral - and she had a ridiculous response

A bride who went viral for a bizarrely specific dress code for her wedding has swiped at the person who ‘leaked’ it, and is demanding all her guests undergo a lie detector test.

It all began when the bride posted clothing requirements for her wedding, which was set to take place a year and a half after the post. The bride referred to the wedding as ‘Hawaii 2019’ and the post divided men and women and split them up into weight categories. Yes, really.

An alarmed attendee posted the list on the subreddit r/ChoosingBeggars.

Here’s a taste of what the bride wanted her wedding to look like:

WOMEN (100-160lbs)

GREEN Velvet Sweater

ORANGE Suede pants

Loubotin heels [sic] (the famous RED heeled shoes. When we spin and lift our feet, the effect will amaze you)

Burberry scarf

MEN (100-200 LBS)

PURPLE Fuzzy Jacket

Soda hat

All White Trainers

Plan Glow Sticks

WOMEN (160 LBS +)

All BACK sweater and pants. Any material.

BLACK heels

MEN (200+ LBS)


BLACK sneakers

Children were instructed to wear ‘RED from head to toe’ because they will form the shape of a heart in the synchronised dance they will all do. Yes, there's dancing. On the beach. In suede.

There would be an outfit change after, which the bride expected guests to have spent at least $1,000 (£782) on.

Needless to say, Reddit users were amused and horrified by the list.

‘Is the "incredible visual effect" the bride is trying to create with a green, orange, purple, black, red and camo colour scheme a seizure?’ one Reddit user wrote.

Another added:

So not only are guests supposed to ruin $1000 shoes on the beach, in terrible outfits, they also have to learn a dance routine.

‘The Pepsi hat and the red heels made me weak. 10/10 attention to detail,’ a third said.

The bride found the Reddit thread, and she's not impressed.

Someone leaked her response on Facebook, and it’s…excessive.

The unnamed bride said people had taken her requirements ‘out of context,’ and said she felt ‘crushed and betrayed.’

So she’d created a pre-wedding party where everyone would take a $99 (£77) Amazon-bought Polygraph Test to work out who leaked the Facebook post.


‘You think I’m kidding?' she wrote. 'I’m not. We just bought a real polygraph test for $99 on Amazon. If you can’t make it to the Polygraph Party, you will be presumed guilty unless you can provide a valid excuse.'

I promise, as long as you’re innocent, you have nothing to worry about.

I highly suggest whoever did this just told me. I won’t retaliate, I will simply cut all ties and communication with you (and talk shit about you for a long, long time). If you have any information about who violated my trust and my wedding planning, I will give you $100.

The bride added that she was ‘outraged’ by the comments online and attempted to clarify her reasoning.

My husband and I are certified spiritual healers with over ten years of experience. You all know this. Our wedding colours, fabrics and intimate synchronised dance are something we hold very dear to our hearts.

The expensive clothing, she said, represented ‘riches we wish to come,’ the black and camouflage was the ‘aura of the devil that we must shoo away,’ and the soda hats represented ‘our wishes for an abundance of life saving liquid.’

They met at a psychic desensitisation chamber 12 years ago in Italy and merely wished to bring their ‘traditions and beliefs’ into their special day.


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