Video of wheelchair-bound man visiting the beach for the first time goes viral

David Thomas is a 36-year-old man with cerebral palsy and until recently he had never been to the beach.

David, who is from Jefferson County, Alabama was born with his condition and had not been on a holiday for 15 years.

That was until his friend Izas Fuller, invited David to come and visit him in Panama City Beach, Florida.

Izas decided to invite his friend to Florida after David commented on some of his family photos online, which got him thinking.

Speaking to AL, Izas said:

His comments made me think, 'I'd really like to take him to the beach'.

Earlier this week Thomas was able to join his friend and his family in their Panama City condo and some of their mutual friends even managed to raise money for David to hire a motorised wheelchair so he could go to the beach.

David told AL:

It just brought tears to my eyes because I never had anyone to take the time to do anything for me because of my being in a wheelchair.

God has blessed with me some real friends. I'm just the most luckiest guy to have him in my life and for him to really want to help me.

Every day since I've been here I've just been enjoying the beach riding there in my chair and taking it all in.

A video of David's first trip to the beach was posted by Izas on Facebook on Monday and at the time of writing has been viewed over 59,000 times.

In response to the video going viral David said that it was "amazing":

I just wanted friends to see it because I had talked about it for a few years. It was amazing that we got that kind of response.

I was blessed just to experience his experience. It's a blessing to be a blessing.

God is good. God is always on time. It might take a minute for it to happen, but he's always right on time.

David is due to return home later this week but has already expressed his desire to return to Panama City beach soon.

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