People just realized why Will Smith's kids are called Jaden and Willow and minds are blown

People just realized why Will Smith's kids are called Jaden and Willow and minds are blown
Jaden Smith reacts to father Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at Oscars

People on social media have just figured out why Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's children are called Willow and Jaden - and their minds are blown.

A woman on Twitter named Shek (@Shekkkk__), took to the platform to share a thread about her recent discovery.

"No, I just clocked why Will & Jayda’s kids are called Jayden & Willow & now it’s time for my bed," she wrote in her initial post, clearly alluding to the fact that their names appear to be a play on their parents' first names.

People took to the comments of the post to share that they were unaware of the link.

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"Sis, do not worry cause I [live] in the US, and you just helped me connect the dots lmaoooo," one wrote.

"Why is this the 1st time I've noticed this? " another added.

A third jokingly wrote: "Oh wow, they really used all their creative juices on this."

Others claimed that they were already aware of the choice of names.

"Took you this long??" a fourth wrote.

"Is this not the most obvious [thing]? Like not even passively hearing their names and nothing clicks in y’all’s heads?" added a fifth.

Smith also has a son named Willard Smith III from a previous marriage. However, he goes by Trey.

"I thought his name was Trey this whole time just found out today that Trey is his nickname because he's the 3rd Willard Smith," someone else added.

Check out other reactions below:

Jaden and Willow have been in the public eye for many years due to their famous parents, and they seemingly aren't shy about voicing their opinions.

Most recently, following Smith smacking comedian Chris Rock across the face for a joke about Pinkett Smith's hair, Jaden appeared to fully back his father.

"And That's How We Do It," his Twitter caption read.

And on a 2020 episode of Red Table Talk, Willow said that she used to feel “shunned” by the Black community for being “too different”.

"Specifically with the African American community, I kind of felt like me and Jaden were shunned a little bit, like, 'We're not gonna take pride in them because they're too different,'" she said.

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