Eric Trump poured a pint of Guinness and the results were terrible

Lowenna Waters
Thursday 06 June 2019 11:30
Picture:(Reuters / Twitter )

Donald Trump's son Eric attempted to pull a pint of fresh ale during the President's trip to Ireland, however, unfortunately, it backfired badly.

Eric, who is 35, was joined by his elder brother Donald Trump Jr, 41, as he pulled the less-than-perfect pint whilst enjoying a 'pub crawl' in the small Irish town of Doonberg, reports the Mirror.

Donald Trump Jr, on the other hand, was marginally more successful, with the resulting drink having a reasonable level of creamy foam on top, while Eric's was described as needing a 'flake' added into it.

Speaking to the crowds, Eric Trump said:

Everywhere we look all we see is American flags with Irish flags.

That's a beautiful thing ... It's so nice to see so thank you.

In another picture, Eric can be seen apparently helping himself to a third pint of Carlsberg larger, reports the Mirror.

As soon as the photo was shared to social media, it went viral, with many commenting that it could potentially cause an 'international incident'.

However, one thought that it was actually an example of a very delicious pint.

The jury is out.

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