Here's what your choice of pet says about you

Louis Dor
Saturday 19 September 2015 15:20
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Dog owners are more likely to be extroverted, agreeable and conscientious, whereas cat owners are more likely to be divorced, widowed or separated.

No, we’re not just spouting stereotypes, we’re regaling the results of Scientific American’s analysis of peer-reviewed studies, huge market surveys and other data.

Here’s the breakdown of what your pet says about you, compared to other pet owners (at least if you're an American):

Job: Senior management, professor, nurse or IT professional
Education: No higher education degree
Personality: Extroverted, agreeable and conscientious

Job: Physician, real estate agent, science or medical lab technician, machine operator or personal caretaker
Home: Apartment
Education: College educated
Personality: Neurotic and open to new experiences, less socially dominant
Relationship status: Divorced, widowed or separated

Job: Unemployed
Personality: Socially outgoing and expressive
Describe yourself as: Polite and Caring

Home: Homeowner in a rural area
Education: Advanced degree
Personality: Assertive, introspective and less warm or nurturing
Relationship status: Married

People who don’t own pets were more likely to live in urban areas, value a neat and tidy home and describe themselves as independent – which all seems fairly logical given the needs of pets and the companionship they offer.

Overall, people were most likely to be pet owners if they were in a family, if they were full-time employees, if they were homeowners and if they were social and empathetic.

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