Breakfast expert declares that hash browns are not part of traditional Full English

Breakfast expert declares that hash browns are not part of traditional Full English
Early leader Sullivan says he had full English breakfast after 4:30 rise

Hash browns are not part of the traditional English breakfast, claim experts, over fears fish fingers or kebab meat could be added.

The English Breakfast Society has dubbed the frozen potato treats as "a lazy American replacement" to bubble and squeak.

The group – made up of academics and fry-up fanatics – has blasted those who opt for hash browns as those who lack pride in the English breakfast tradition.

The society said adding them would open the floodgates to fish fingers and kebab meat being added.

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The pressure group has also blasted chips served on the breakfast dish as a "cheap plate filler."

An English Breakfast Society spokesperson said: “Hash browns are not part of a traditional English breakfast.

“Frozen hash browns are a lazy American replacement for traditional bubble & squeak, served by those who lack pride in the English breakfast tradition.”

Jam Press/The English Breakfast

The spokesperson added: “Somebody has to draw the line somewhere and say ‘No hash browns’

“Because if we let the hash browns thing slide and become part of the tradition what's next?

“Fish fingers? Kebab meat?”

On its website it lists a full English breakfast consisting of sausage, bacon, fried egg, grilled tomato, mushrooms, baked beans, black pudding and toast.

It should then be paired with a tea or coffee along with a glass of orange juice.

The society also notes a selection of newspapers should accompany the morning meal.

The findings have been welcomed by fry-up loving Brits.

Christine Smith said: "Thank you. Finally someone who has drawn a line in the sand. I hate the things."

Ted Blair said: "Amen to that."

Full English lover Chris said: "Absolutely."

Padraig MacAdhastair added: "B*oody right."

Someone else said: "This is the important stuff in life. Standards."

Another added: "So there you have it."

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