Man left mortified after having 'brown moles' checked by doctor

Man left mortified after having 'brown moles' checked by doctor
Person is injecting even more chocolate into a dessert!
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A man was left mortified after having 'brown moles' he found on his body checked by a doctor - only to discover they were something entirely different (and edible).

TikToker and radio producer Joshua Fox recalled the health scare on The Kyle and Jackie O Show in Australia after suddenly noticing new 'moles' on his body.

“One morning, this is last Thursday, I wake up for work and I’ve got…there was like a cluster of moles near my belly button.

“I’m Googling and if they suddenly appear, because I’d been in the sun the day before with my shirt off, and the diagnosis when you Google is not good.


And when eating in bed after a day in the sun !! #KJshow #slipslopslap

“Then, I make the appointment, I get there [and] he’s slowly going around the body.

“He finally gets to them, and he’s taking a minute to kind of look, and he’s like ‘oh, I’m not quite sure’.

That's because it isn't a cluster of moles the doctor was looking at, but rather something less permanent and more importantly not cancerous.

“And then he goes, ‘I think it’s chocolate. I think it’s chocolate or something.”

“And [then] he gets a wet wipe and just wipes them off.”

After retelling the awkward encounter, both Kyle and Jackie O found the story entertaining as they questioned how this managed to happen.

“So, you didn’t shower for two days?” the hosts asked.

“It was a Flake you’d dropped in your bed the night before?”

To which Josh replied: “It was Crème Egg.”

Meanwhile, people on TikTok have been sharing their thoughts on the mix-up.

One person said: "This is one of those stories you keep to yourself."

"Huh? He never thought to see if it comes off before he went to a doctor?" another person asked.

Someone else added: "I'd flee the country after that."

"I have never related to something so much," a fourth person commented.

At least this story had a sweet ending...

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