Bizarre 'vampire facial for the penis' is taking over New York's elite

Bizarre 'vampire facial for the penis' is taking over New York's elite
Penis enlargement craze prompts warning due to men injecting cooking oil into …

Just when you think cosmetic surgery can’t get any weirder, a procedure hailed as a “vampire facial for the penis” comes along.

That’s right, men are now eagerly paying thousands of dollars to have needles stuck into their babymakers, all to add a bit of extra bulge to their swimming shorts.

The Priapus Shot, known as the P-shot, has spiked in popularity among New York’s elite, with swarms of city slickers getting their fix before jetting off to the Hamptons for the summer.

One expert, urological surgeon Dr David Shusterman, told the New York Post: “These guys in the Hamptons love to skinny-dip at night — and they don’t want to come up short.”

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The sexual medicine guru explained that he first started administering the jab back in 2018 to help patients combat erectile dysfunction, but swiftly noticed that it also provided a surprising size perk.

“It’s like a vampire facial for the penis,” he told the news site, explaining that the technology involves taking blood from the patient’s arm to isolate platelet-rich plasma, then injecting this plasma into the numbed penis using a tiny needle.

“We take your blood, spin it and inject it right back,” he said, adding that the end result is a boost to circulation and the stimulation of blood vessel growth.

“It helps improve the blood vessels, so you have not only better blood flow to the penis during sex, but it improves the size,” he said. “It makes it fuller-looking, because it improves the blood vessels down to your penis.”

He continued: “You’re fuller, and obviously the sex part is better – you get improvement in sex and in size.

“While guys will see [their penis typically] shrink in water, that won’t happen here because it’s already full from the injections.”

The urologist revealed that the injection can lead to all-around enlargements of more than 1.25 inches (over 3cm), and so wealthy playboys are more than willing to fork out eye-watering amounts for the treatment.

The procedure can cost up to $10,000 (around £8,590) for a series of five shots administered every month or so, each of which lasts no more than 30 minutes, the Post reports.

And, according to Dr Shusterman, it has “no downsides or risks except cost.”

Still, despite the surgeon’s gushing endorsement, penis enlargement as a whole isn’t without its dangers.

Earlier this month, Bild reported that a 32-year-old German man died from blood poisoning and organ failure after a man he met on a dating site injected his penis with silicone in a bid to make it bigger.

But plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe, who calls himself “The Penis Doctor,” told The Post such tragedies would never occur under the hand of a licenced practitioner.

“This is your penis — don’t cut corners,” he warned.

Men are willing to fork out thousands of dollars for the 'game-changing' treatmentiStock

Dr Rowe offers non-surgical penis enlargement injections using Juvéderm dermal filler, with courses costing between $5,000 (£4,300) and $20,000 (£17,200).

“I have guys stop in to fill up on the way to their blade choppers before the weekend,’’ he boasted. “It’s like packing your suitcase — you fill up your suitcase, you fill up your penis.”

He said the bulk of his clients are single guys in their 30s and 40s, and that their confidence “goes through the f—king roof’’ upon receiving the treatment.

One such patient, who is 40 and works in hospitality, was eager to sing the praises of the procedure.

“It’s been an epic summer,” the man, who spent $9,500 (£7,250) on a shot, told the Post.

“The parties are better. I wear shorter bathing suits, definitely tighter. But I’m not trying to expose my bulge,” he insisted.

Still, he acknowledged: “I’m very single this summer — this is a game-changer.”

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