Experts warn that common sleeping position could be bad for our health

Experts warn that common sleeping position could be bad for our health
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When it comes to getting a good night's rest, many of us are not making the most of it as we're sleeping in the wrong position, a sleep expert has said.

The optimal amount of shuteye we should be getting is anywhere around six and eight hours, as Dr Dan Friederich, an eye care specialist from St. Louis, Missouri, explained in a viral TikTok video.

Speaking about why anything less is bad for our health, he said: "Studies have shown again and again that the optimal amount of sleep is between six and eight hours a night, preferably at least seven.

"If you go more than nine hours it's also bad for your health. But sleeping less than five is the worst thing you could possibly be doing," the award-winning eye care doctor said.

"Increased mortality all across the board, cardiovascular disease, all types of diseases are associated with sleeping that little."

Alongside this, one of the worst positions to sleep in is the "freefaller" position, sleep expert and physiotherapist Sammy Margo says - that's where you lie on your stomach with your hands up to the pillow while your head is turned to the side.

Not only does the amount of time we sleep matter to our health but also the position in which we sleep too, experts sayiStockphoto by Getty Images

"[It's] Probably the worst position anyone can sleep in, this could leave you with a lifetime of back and neck problems," she explained to The Sun..

"Your lower back bends in towards the mattress, which means it becomes hyper-extended, squashing structures and reducing the space in the lower back area, which may cause aches and pains such as sciatica, knee pain and cramps."

For those who default to this position, she recommends placing pillows under your stomach and shins to relieve the pressure from your body.

While the "free faller knee up" position is similar but with a leg cocked. Sleeping this way can cause pressure on both your front and back as well as issues with your hips.

A sore neck and wrinkles are some of the possible consequences of sleeping in the "foetal" position, resulting from pillows not providing enough support and your face being squashed against the pillow.

Margo noted how this position is "better for you than lying on your stomach" but advised adding a pillow between knees to keep hips "neutral."

It's also bad news for snorers who sleep on their backs in the "soldier" position - lying on your back with arms at their sides - as it can worsen sleeper's acid reflux and heartburn, while also causing lower back pain.

A pillow under the knees can help ease these symptoms, according to Margo.

"Starfish" sleepers - lying on your back with arms and legs spread - may have trouble getting their eight hours as they are more likely to get nightmares.

Finally, shoulder pain may occur for those who sleep in the "log" position - lying on their side with arms and legs positioned down.

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