A French cartoonist has summed up exactly why the burkini debate is so ludicrous

A French cartoonist has summed up exactly why the burkini debate is so ludicrous

Women in parts of France were banned from wearing the "burkini" this week.

French prime minister Manuel Valls said the full-body swimsuit worn by some Muslim women was not compatible with French values and is based on the "enslavement of women".

The controversial move, which has been adopted by several towns on the Mediterranean coast, as well as one in Corsica, has seen at least 10 women - including grandmothers - criminalised for their clothing.

One cartoon that addresses the choice faced by Muslim women - whether to betray the laws of their country or the customs of their faith - was shared this week by French illustrator Pierre Marchetti who goes by the nom de plume "Nawak".

Picture: Nawak

Both men in the cartoon are saying:

You will dress yourself like that and not any other way.

While the woman says simply:

And my opinion in all this?

Nawak shared the drawing on Twitter with the caption:

Overdressed or not enough... the 'free choice' of women is still too often made by the man.

Nawak, who draws for the newspaper L'Observateur, told indy100 that he has become increasingly frustrated by debate in France.

I'm an atheist and believe that the religion must remain a private affair. But I respect the believers. Each woman should be able to dress herself as she wishes.

That the woman's body still makes debate in 2016… it's ridiculous.

He explained the reasoning behind his drawing:

The woman should not dress herself according to religious dogmas. The religions seem to be created by the men, for the men. And if they really want to wear burka or burkini - which I think are symbols of oppression - they must do it in perfect knowledge of the facts.

Citing his frustration that such a relatively small issue has been blown out of all proportion in his home country, Nawak also drew another cartoon this week.

Picture: Nawak

He explained that it shows how this "stupid argument" has hidden all the other important news this week.

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