A map of the world's drunkest countries

Louis Dor
Wednesday 14 December 2016 15:00

British people drink 30 bottles of wine, or 180 glasses a year. according to new research by Movehub.

The average person spends roughly £194 a year and £7 per bottle on the vino - and yet we're still placed 23rd globally!

The Swiss, world leaders in this esteemed field, will spend £505.50 on average on wine.

They are followed by the Cayman Islands (£457.75), the Falkland Islands (£451.76), Aruba (£403.26) and Norfolk Island (£372.67).

To browse the data, see the interactive map, below:


In terms of total consumption (cl/year), the UK ranks 28th, consuming 2199 cl per year on average.

Andorra tops the table with 4626 cl/year, followed by Croatia (4420), and Slovenia (4407).

At the time of writing, there's still 17 days left in the year to up our ranking. Just saying.

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