Man asked to take down American flag by his 'neighbour' who called it a 'symbol of hate'

Viral Hog/ YouTube

A man in the US state of Montana has received a message from an anonymous source demanding that he takes down an American flag flying from his house.

The man from the town of Bozeman, whose identity has not been revealed, films the moment where he returns home to find a note attached to his front door.

In the clip, he sits down and reads the message which is apparently from one of his neighbours. It reportedly reads:

Dear neighbour,

I am disgusted you would fly the symbol of hate.

Judging by the trucks in your driveway I can only assume that you voted for Trump.

This is a digusting house and 'Bozeman deserves better.

If not taken down by tonight, I will take it down myself. 

This is not a fight you want. We will win. 


Your neighbour

In response, the owner of the flag vows to not take it down under any circumstance and promises to 'break the fingers' of whoever tries to.

I can tell you right now, that flag right there, that flag ain't coming down. 

That flag flies year round at my house, it will never come down.

And to the person that thinks they're going to try and take it down, I'll break your f*****g fingers.

Watch the incident in the video below.

Warning: Video contains very strong language.

Seeing as American's no matter what state they live in or their political allegiances love to fly the Stars and Stripes at any time, this incident would appear to be a little odd and a slightly worrying reflection of the current state of the country.

However, comments under the video on theNew York Post's YouTube page are accusing the man of fabricating the story, while others state that "liberals are anti-American traitors".

HT New York Post

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