This woman brought her favourite ‘holiday dip’ to work and her colleagues were horrified

Global News

'It's not supposed to look like that...'

Throughout the past week, the presenters of Global News - a Canadian news and current affairs programme - have been bringing in their favourite Christmas dishes to share with their colleagues, and the nation.

On Friday it was the turn of Leslie Horton.

She brought, um, artichoke dip...

Picture:Picture: Global News/YouTube

Judging by her colleagues' faces, it wasn't the most popular choice...

Picture:Picture: Global News/YouTube

Horton explained that she had wanted to bring in Christmas cake instead...

A supermarket version of which looked quite nice:

Picture:Picture: Global News/YouTube

But her family insisted on artichoke dip.

Responses to the concoction were initially mixed: 'It smells like vinegar...', 'I thought it smelt like a barn...'

Picture:Picture: Global News/YouTube

That was until they actually tasted it...

While the two presenters in the middle tried their best to be polite, the main hero of the piece was clearly Scott, the poor guy on the far left of the sofa:

Picture:Picture: Global News/YouTube

Scott's reactions were everything:

He finally plucked up the courage to take a bite:

Picture: Global News/YouTube

But it didn't go well

'It burns!'

You can watch the whole monstrosity below:

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