Americans have just discovered beans on toast and they're really, really not impressed

Americans have just discovered beans on toast and they're really, really not impressed

America often takes credit for "discovering" many things, sometimes long after everyone else has known about or even been enjoying it for centuries.

Like Love Island. Or the lands occupied by Native Americans. Or oil in the Middle East.

Occasionally however, the discovery of a new concept is displeasing to the USA. Like when they found out about beans on toast.

To UK residents, beans on toast is a classic dish, apparently invented as a marketing ploy by Heinz in 1927 but one that’s become a staple of British cuisine ever since (which says a lot).

Even former Prime Minister Theresa May turned to beans on toast (and whiskey) when her entire political career was collapsing around her ears.

Twitter user @bennyrogers188 posted a picture of what seems to be premium beans on toast (Cheese? Seasoning? Chilli flakes?!) to his feed, lamenting that his American counterparts would never be able to grasp the simple pleasures of emptying a steaming can of beans onto a piece of cooked bread.

As it turned out – he was right!

According to those across the pond, beans on toast are responsible for both Meghan Markle’s Megxit from the royal family and America’s victory in the revolutionary war.

It’s safe to say that Americans do not appreciate the joy of beans on toast – many requested that either Brits “stop cooking” or start teaching their kids to cook, asap. Well, which one is it?

Others expressed surprise that Britain had once managed to colonise a good chunk of the world, if beans on toast were the fuel it was marching on.

Thing is: beans on toast is good, they’re all missing out and at the end of the day, we also have kettles, which are a human right.

Imagine boiling your water in the microwave. Could never be us.

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