Bizarre figurines of bears that look like Donald Trump banned at US military base

Strange wooden figurines of bears that resemble former President Donald Trump were recently on sale at an Alaskan military base.

According to Anchorage Daily News, a vendor sold the wooden figures of Trump holding a sign with the chant that’s meant a diss to President Joe Biden, “Let’s Go, Brandon,” written on it at a mall on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER) in Anchorage.

“The wooden figurines of a bear stylized to look like former President Donald Trump, with a shock of yellow hair and long red tie, stood about a foot tall and held small signs reading ‘Let’s Go, Brandon,” the article said.

The incident has made officials update their provisions for vendors on what is and isn’t acceptable to sell on a base.

Chris Ward, an Army & Air Force Exchange Service spokesman, noted that an independent vendor was selling the “bears” at the base’s official commercial facility.

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The Army & Air Force Exchange Service is a Defense Department agency that looks over goods and services available to purchase at military installations worldwide.

Ward said that the bear figurine seller had a short-term contract with the venue there.

And when officials looked into the item being sold, the seller had shut the shop down.

“Once this product was identified, it was determined to be outside the established parameters for resale,” Ward told Anchorage Daily News.

He added: “Communication to incoming vendors will reflect the need to exclude products of this nature going forward.”

The business’ name was not revealed.

Read the full report from Anchorage Daily News here.

Indy100 reached out to Ward for further comment.

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