Bella Thorne accused of 'ruining' OnlyFans for sex workers after charging too much for nudes

Bella Thorne accused of 'ruining' OnlyFans for sex workers after charging too much for nudes

It was only a matter of time before celebrities cottoned on to OnlyFans.

The subscription site has invaded mainstream consciousness this year, after becoming a popular source of revenue for sex workers, particularly during lockdown.

It was even immortalised in song form by Beyoncé.

So it was really a case of ‘when’ not ‘if’ high profile celebrities would begin to realise they could stand to make large amounts of money on there.

Like Bella Thorne, who’d already carved out a reputation as being sex positive, plus had previously shared her own nudes for free after the threat of a leak.

Last week Thorne announced she would be joining OnlyFans, inviting followers to subscribe to her page for $20 a month.

From the start, predictions were that she’d make big bucks.

They were right; apparently Thorne broke a record by earning $1m in 24 hours during her first full day on the site.

But sex workers aren’t happy; they say Thorne’s presence on OnlyFans has prompted the platform to bring in some new rules that limit certain streams of income they can receive.

Such as caps on ‘tips’ and the amount a person can pay to see select messages (pay-per-view or PPV).

Now, OnlyFans content creators are limited to charging $50 for PPV items and tips they can receive are capped at $50 at a time.

Unconfirmed rumours are abounding that these new rules are linked to Thorne; some have even said she allegedly charged $200 for a supposedly ‘nude’ photoset that turned out to be her wearing lingerie, causing punters to complain.

But those reports are yet to stand up.

However, that’s not stopped people from being angry at Thorne’s perceived impact on the site.

Sex workers are not happy.

People are calling Thorne a ‘scammer’ who’s ruined the platform.

Though some were just finding it all a bizarre situation.

However there were some good suggestions as to what Thorne could do with her new riches.

Do rich people ruin everything?

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