Boris Johnson is having a bit of a week.

A journalist accused him of groping her inner thigh when he was editor of The Spectator, (accusations he has denied) and his ties to American businesswoman Jennifer Arcuri when he was London mayor are being put under a microscope – and if that wasn’t enough to give him a headache, his aide took away his coffee.

The prime minister attended the Conservative Party conference in Manchester and a clip of one of his aides plucking a coffee cup out of his hands is making the rounds online.

In a clip reminiscent of The Thick Of It (or The Office, really. Pick your poison), one of Johnson’s aides gives him a cup of what appears to be some much-needed caffeine to deal with his day, only for it to be hastily yanked out of his hand.

She can be heard saying, much to BoJo’s bafflement:

No disposable cups.

Boris, for his part doesn't fight it, and puts his hands up to say:

Oo, oo.

Needless to say, the scene tickled people online

As did the Prime Minister's reaction at having his coffee taken away

"It's just like The Thick of It"

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