There are many metaphors that have been used to illustrate Brexit, but one that's perhaps the best is... an escape room. Yes, that hits the nail on the head.

Escape rooms are often small, constricted, claustrophobic spaces that require a series of answers to cryptic questions in order to exit them.

Ring any bells?

Now, German satirical political show Extra 3 have taken this metaphor to its logical conclusion, and quite frankly the results are hilarious.

At the opening of the video, one of the captives says:

There you go, dear Brits. 

Now solve the puzzle, find the key - and by then you may leave the EU. 

Enjoy yourself! 

The captives then read out three questions that they have to find solutions to before they're allowed to leave the room.

1. To leave the Brexit room you must first negotiate a free trade agreement.

2. Find an answer to the freedom of movement and the Irish border solution

Needless to say, the resolutions aren't that easy to come by...

Watch the entire video below.

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