Big companies are harvesting your data - here's how you can turn that into money for charity


Big companies are mining your data. That’s just a fact of modern online life.

But now there’s an opportunity to turn that information into something better. Data Done Good is a start-up founded by two Stamford School of Business students, and it helps you give to a good cause.

But instead of donating cash, you donate your Amazon shopping history, which they turn into money for charities.

For every year of shopping history you donate, they will give $15 dollars to the non-profit of your choice.

The service is designed to be completely anonymous, with your personal details completely removed before being passed on. Companies will use it to identify general trends amongst shoppers, as opposed to putting you on mailing lists and sending you loads of spam.

You can either download you Amazon history as a spreadsheet, or link your account directly to Data Done Good.

Cofounder and CEO Scott Steinberg told Mashable:

This resource — your data — is something that everyone has, whether you're a low-income person living in an urban city centre or a mother of three of a rural area

This is something everyone has and everyone can use. We're really excited about this as not just a new way to raise money for valuable causes, but as a way to allow everyone, across the demographic spectrum, to participate in fundraising.

FInd out more and donate at Data Done Good.

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