Cocky fan embarrassed after trying to show off in front of the wrong woman

Lowenna Waters
Sunday 10 June 2018 07:45

A buff guy has picked the wrong woman to show off in front of at a football game in Philadelphia.

When the 'Flex Cam' came his way during a Philadelphia Soul football match, one guy thought it would be the perfect opportunity to show off in front of the ladies.

However, things took an unexpected turn when a bodybuilding woman sitting behind him stood up, and totally put his biceps to shame.

In the footage, people in the stands can be seen laughing at the man's expense.

The commentator also saw the funny side, announcing:

Whoa, whoa, whoa, what is this?

Oh my goodness! 

Holy moly! 

Man, you've been stoned, my brother! 

He sure was!

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